The survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.  To get started enter your information below and then click start.  Once you complete the 88 questions your results will be emailed to you in moments.  Your answers will not be shared with anyone else.  To obtain the best results, please try to avoid being overly modest about the way you live your Christian discipleship.

Ordinarily, you must be baptized to receive spiritual gifts (often called charisms from the Greek word for gift).  This simple survey can help you discover which spiritual gifts you have been given.  Spiritual gifts are not given for the sake of the one who receives them, rather they are for that person to exercise as part of their baptismal call to love and serve the Lord and their neighbor.  All of them are ordered toward service to others for the building up of the Kingdom of God.  In this way, they are wonderful help for Christians who seek to take an active part in the mission of the Church. (Mt. 28)

This survey is not a test that you can fail.  There is no one correct answer.  Just answer honestly how the question applies to you.  We recommend that you click the first answer that comes to you.  Don’t stew over which one to choose or think about it for a long time.

Your results will not give you any definitive answers about whether or not you actually have a particular charism.  It will only provide a starting point for you to continue to carefully discern which of the results are, in fact, charisms you have received to help you serve God and neighbor.

You are highly encouraged to continue to the learn more section after receiving your results.

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